Här är den färdiga Alice från The Magicians. Jag vet inte hur korrekt denna version är i förhållande till boken, jag går lite på känsla. Vi får se hur länge min fan-art mani sitter i, just nu tycker jag att det är det roligaste man kan göra! Bilden är gjord med akvarell och pennor i A4 format.


Just finished Alice from The Magicians. Maybe not accurate but fun to do!

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18 thoughts on “Alice!

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  2. Jenna Johnson on said:

    This book is so close to my heart. =) Thank you for sharing your gift!

  3. Emily B. on said:

    this is beautiful! If you speak English I would love to hear about the techniques you use. Watercolour is my favourite to work with but I have never been able to produce anything like this.

    • Thank you! I’m not very technical about painting, but I usually don´t have a plan when I start painting. I just add a little colour, layer by layer and see what happens. It’s a slow and amateurish way, but it usually turns out well =)

  4. Hej! Otroligt fin bild! Jag följde länken som Lev Grossman bifogade i sitt nyhetsbrev. Jag tog mig friheten att låna din bild till min blogginlägg om att The Magicians blir teveserie, har creddat dig förstås, o.s.v. är det okej? 🙂

  5. Wow, du är grym!

    Om du gör serier eller är sugen på att göra serier i framtiden, skicka gärna till oss på Utopi magasin!

    • Åh tack! Jag älskar serier men har tyvärr ingen erfarenhet av att rita dem =) I en avlägsen framtid kanske. Däremot är jag väldigt sugen på att göra illustrationer, exempelvis omslagsbilder. Kul att du gillar bilden, skall försöka lägga upp lite mer så småningom.

  6. Great -Just as I imagined her – Next her look please. She is a powerful magician too and to catch Quentin’s heart and mind, she would have to be extra special… 🙂

    • Thank you! With “look”, do you mean her gaze or something else? I might do some more paintings of her, or Julia who is now my favourite magician =)

      • Hi, yup by gaze I mean her eyes.
        I imagine her like you portrayed her when young but by her demise she had grown emotionally and magically into an adult and was only there as his guardian – A responsibility she took seriously enough to sacrifice herself protecting her offbeat love, Martin … Some heroine – forever caught in half child/ half disillusioned adult.
        Thats what I was trying to say in her gaze…
        Best of luck with Julia… A tortured soul raped by a demi-god/pan figure who evolves through suffering into a sprite. That is a real challenge for your talents! Let me know when ompleted, pls .

  7. Anonymous on said:

    das ist Julia idiots

  8. Agnes on said:

    Du målar verkligen UNDERBARA bilder!! Älskar dom!

  9. This is beautiful and almost just as I imagined Alice. How would one go about purchasing this watercolor?

  10. Anonymous on said:

    Exacltly the opposite of how she is described in the first book – blonde, nerdy/mousy, big boobs.

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